LYR FOCUS is the title of our historical journal featuring articles from a team of high quality authors working where possible from primary sources. Our aim is to issue three editions each year but from time to time we replace one issue with a single topic book (also free to members).

We think our publications are the best of any line society. Click on the sample issue below which has been split into three to keep down the file size. Even so, they are each up to around 6mb so give them time to open - it will be worth the wait. If you like what you see why not join the Society by clicking on the Membership link.





The journal has appeared over the years under a number of titles - Platform, Highflyer, Branchline and LYR Focus.

The main title for many years was Platform and the highest issue number was Platform 59. The title then became LYR Focus but the number series carried on from LYR Focus 60.

Branchline booklets each covered a particular line. Highflyer was short lived but contains some excellent articles.

Check out the Journal Index to find articles of interest and Backnumbers for details of how to obtain copies.