The Committee

The Management Structure
The Society Trustees form the Management Committee made up of the six principal officers (Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Officer, Publications Officer and Information Officer) and up to six others.

All are elected by the Annual General Meeting in accordance with the constitution.

In addition the Trustees appoint other Officers to assist them in the running of the Society. Each year we publish a Contacts & Services Leaflet giving the names and contact details of all the Society's officers. Click on the link to see a pdf copy.


Further information

Our Annual General Meeting & Members Day is a well attended and enjoyable occasion. The meeting proper is sandwiched between coffee and a buffet lunch, often with a speaker, and followed by an afternoon event which might be a visit to a preserved railway, a museum, a symposium or even a historic tram ride!

Use of Society e-mail addresses
For security reasons there are no live e-mail links on this site. Society e-mail addresses are given at appropriate places throughout the site, in the Society Contacts pdf on this page, and on the Contacts page.

You can use your cursor to copy and paste the address into your e-mail software (Outlook or similar).